Protect Your Property And Prevent Disaster - Types Of Fire Stop Caulking

Posted on: 20 July 2015

Whether you own a small home for you and your family or a large commercial complex that hosts a variety of businesses, making sure that your real estate is protected from potentially serious disasters is an important responsibility. Not only can a fire prevention system help save you money in the unfortunate event of a fire, but it can also go a long way toward lowering your insurance premiums and offering you confidence and emotional security.

Below, you'll find a guide to some types of fire stop caulking that you should consider installing in your property. Having this information should allow you to develop a more complete understanding of your options, guaranteeing that you can take full advantage of the latest fire prevention technology.

Moldable Putty

One of the most difficult surfaces to protect in any structure is the exposed metal and pipes. Not only do these materials often have a finish that resists bonding to any material, but they also frequently are unable to support the additional weight that comes with insulation.

Moldable fire stop putty, however, is extremely light weight and specially formulated to create a permanent, bonded seal with exposed metal. This can help guarantee that your pipes will resist the extremely high temperatures that result from a fire and will put you in a position to solidify your property's valuable infrastructure.

Sprayable Sealant

If your building has already been constructed and you don't have either the time or financial capacity to perform the major rehabilitative work necessary to reconstruct major joints, you still have the ability to insert fire stop caulking into hard to reach areas. Sprayable sealants utilize high pressure systems to be accurately and thoroughly applied, even when traditional application methods may fail.

Sprayable sealants are optimal for situations where your existing fire proofing is inadequate and you're eager to secure a supplement. As a primary protection, you should still consider additional insulation or reconstructing a vulnerable joint with other products.

Fire Stopping Mortar

Perhaps the strongest and most rugged of all fire stop products, fire stopping mortar can be used to finish concrete joints and provide necessary protection from the time your property is constructed. Fire stopping mortar maintains the strength of other types of concrete sealant while providing the fire retardation properties that property owners seek. You should consider applying this mortar to any new construction in your home or commercial facility, and as mentioned above, it can be used to replace or upgrade your existing seams.

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